Monday, April 11, 2016


Hey Guys!
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine went by too quick and majority of it was spent moving out of my old apartment into a new one. However, my highlight of the weekend was that I went to see Rihanna in concert and it was absolutely AMAZING!! What did you do this weekend?
I'm one of those people that buys things in similar pattern or color if I love it. I bought this wrap while my sister and I were in Istanbul, I also have a long cardigan in the same pattern see pictures here.
 Sweater similar here. Shirt Jcrew. Shorts Old. Tie Via Macys. GX by Gwen Stefani. Sunglasses Miu Miu. Watch MK
I wore this outfit to work as well but I changed the tie for a Burgundy one, a navy skirt, black tights and Burgundy pumps.  
                                                         Have a great day!!

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