Friday, August 12, 2016


                                                                      Hey Guys, Happy Friday!!
       I've been waiting on Friday since Monday, it's been a VERY VERY long week. I plan on going to the liquor store on my way home from work, buy a couple of drinks (Wine, Hennessy, & Vodka) make myself drinks, and catch-up on a couple of summer shows & the Olympics.

I love this top, it's very bright & colorful- Bisola's husband gave me this as a gift, he got it when he was in Togo on a business trip (don't I have the best brother in-law). When he gave this to me, he said it is a top which I wholly disagree with- to me this is a dress!

This is a very easy and effortless outfit for the summer!

Dashiki: Similar here. Shoes: I like this. Sunglasses: I like this
                           Hope you all have a fun and wonderful weekend, please be safe!!

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