Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bedroom Inspiration..

                                  Hey Guys, Happy Sunday..Hope you're having a good weekend!
I've spent most of my weekend cleaning my room and basically putting things where they should be. However, I have been struggling with the set up of my bedroom, it's so bad that I have no idea where my bed should be and I keep moving it and changing the layout which is very tiring. I'm in need of inspiration and I've been looking at different pictures online to see if there's anything of interest. I'm not sure if I want a colorful bedroom or just a muted one. Help!
 I'm not sure I want a room with painted walls, we painted the previous apartment and we had to repaint before moving out it was a headache, I don't believe I want a repeat.
 My bedside table is silver and everything else is white, that's why I'm interested in this setup
I'm also very much interested in having small office in my room 
 If you have any ideas or pictures, please do not hesitate to share.. You can email me at or tag me in photos via IG @ Sixth_dammie. 

All Images Via Google, Ikea, and House of Beautiful.


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