Friday, July 1, 2016

80's Prom..

Its Finally Friday and its a 3 day weekend!!!

What amazing plans do you guys have for the 4th of July weekend? I have no plans except for one or two late night cookouts, its still Ramadan and no turn up till Ramadan is officially over on the 5th or 6th of July. I cannot wait to hear/read the amazing stories you all have from the weekend!

I love this dress as well and I bought it the same day I got the dress from the previous post 4 years ago and I'm pretty sure this dress was someone's prom dress from the 80's. Do you guys think I'm right? One of my friends cannot believe I will not be reconstructing the dress which was the initial plan (remove the bow, and turn the dress into a tube dress with a sweetheart neckline). Am I crazy for loving this dress as is? 
Dress Vintage. Prada Sunglasses. Target clutch. Shoes & earrings via amazon. Bracelets gifts from Mom.

Happy a safe weekend!

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