Friday, January 13, 2012

Call It Whatever!

I've been in Nigeria for 13days now, what started as being fun is almost turning into a nightmare, its day 5 of a nationwide strike. The people decided to go on a strike after the government increased the gas price by a 120%, a protest is being held everyday till the government reverts its decision. There's been no movement in the country, airlines are not flying in or out of the country :(, and people are just sad & angry. It gets a little better in the evenings, guess everyone is tired of sitting home and considering the fact that some people earn a daily income that's needed for their survival, the neighborhood shops and parks open up at night for people to come in. So here's my frustrated self trying to turn a "very" bad situation into a blogging moment.


Overalls: Levi’s, shoes: VS, top: Really old, sunglasses: retrosuperfuture, jewelry: Dubai, watch: Roberto Cavalli
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